4 toys that shaped history

We have the need to be entertained, need time for leisure, that is a human need, we see movies, play games, listen music, all of that keep up balanced and sane and let us be healthy adults, but when we are children that need is much bigger, kids need to play much more than us, and there are plenty of things intended to fulfill that need in our children.


There are many games and toys for children and adults that we use to be entertained, even in times of television people still needing toys and games.


History of toys

A toy is any item or instrument used in games, they are made for that purpose and usually are intended for children although adults may use toys too. Toys exist since the beginning of our history, they have been found in archeological sites, oldest toys found include representation of humans and animals (dolls) and representation of tools or instruments used by adults.


At first, toys were made of commun materials easy to find around like rocks, clay and wood, and were dolls and representation of early tools, other really old toys are balls, kites and yo-yos, puzzles were found in ancient Greek, later educational toys were invented, to help children to learn about varied subjects, nowadays there are many toys of varied types using since basic elements till the latest technology.


Toys that had a huge influence

Toys are among our dearest memories of childhood and there are many kinds of amazing toys along the history, but there are some of them so legendary and so remarkable that has shaped our world.


Baby shaped dolls: are extremely popular between girls and have transcended the barriers of time and arts, being used even with educational purposes. There are a lot of complements to be used with these dolls like small strollers, clothes, accessories, etc.


Play-Doh: both of them are modeling clay for children used for both, recreation and education, Plastiline was invented in England in 1897, does not dry on exposure to air, made of calcium salts, petroleum jelly and aliphatic acids, Play-Doh instead dries on exposure to air, it was manufactured in USA, at first as wallpaper cleaner in 1930, later in 1950 it was reworked and marketed in schools and is made of flour, water, salt, boric acid and mineral oil.


Lego: is a set of  interlocking colourful construction bricks, accompanied by gears, figurines and some various parts, it can be connected in many ways in order to construct almost everything, it is extremely popular among kids who spend hours playing with it, right now Lego is known and appreciated by children around the whole world and there are contests, Lego movies and Lego parks.


Barbie: everyone knows Barbie, the most famous fashion doll and it have become in something really huge, there are plenty of accessories, complementary toys, Barbie movies, a lot of merchandise including clothes, makeup girls accessories and more