Best toys for kids in 2018

Kids really love toys, that is a fact, their eyes shine like tiny stars with excitement and the most pure joy when they get or when they see the possibility of getting one, to see the advertising of new toys is a pleasant experience for them, but besides all the fun and laughs they bring to our beloved children, toys usually have educative purposes too.


Toys help to keep our kids entertained and busy for a long time and many of them help with various aspects of children’s development as well as with their formal and informal education, at first, many  time ago toys were very simple, usually representation of living beings or tools kids used to see every day, but nowadays there are many kind of toys, since the most basic of them, like a rag doll until high-tech toys like robots with amazing features.


What does the toy industry bring this year?


Due their huge importance, industry of toys have become a very powerful entity that each year brings to us new and improved toys for children, we all know that new things means emotion and excitement for them, and giving to them the latest available toys fill us with pleasure and joy, there are some toys that your kids will surely love this year.


Fingerlings-Interactive Baby Monkey, it is suitable for age five and up, reacts to sound, motion and touch, turns its head, blinks its eyes and makes adorable sounds.


Lego Batman Movie, the Batwing 70916 Building Kit, Lego  had to be present, one of the latest success in movies was Lego Batman and here is the Batwing, it fires mini disks, has a secret car hidden (kids are going to love this) and also has the figures of Batman, Robin and Harley Quinn.


Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar, Fisher-Price is well known for its amazing educative toys, which are specially designed to help children to have a good mental and physical development many times teaching them to think. With this particular toy kids will play a course, solve problems and overcome obstacles to program a path.


FurReal Roaring’ Tyler, the playful tiger, Hasbro did it again, this cute tiger roars, nuzzles and is covered in a soft blanket of downy fur.


Paw Patrol Sea Patroller, transforming vehicles with light and sounds that our children will love, includes Ryder action figure, baby octopus, exploration platform and more.


Sphero Star Wars BB-8 App Enabled Droid, it is controlled by an app in your smart device, can be sent on its own for explorative scout patrols, can transmit messages, listen and record conversations and more.