The best Toys for gorwn-ups

Traditionally made with only children in mind, most toys are abandoned once adulthood hits but Being an adult shouldn’t condemn you to a holiday season full of yawn-inducing gifts like socks and sweaters. Thanks to today’s fun-loving creators, playthings are no longer just for kids. With creative adults in mind, each product promotes fun in a novel and nostalgic way guaranteed to bring out your inner child. Here you will find some of these wonderful toys


Razor Crazy Cart XL

Razor has created an adult version of its drift-friendly electric ride-on called the Crazy Cart XL. Reinforced and beefed-up to support riders up to 300 pounds in weight, the Crazy Cart XL can hit a top speed of 17mph and can slide around corners like its wheels were made of butter

Scalextric RCS App-Connected Slot Cars

Scalextric has finally brought a modern touch to slot car racing with its RCS—or Race Control System—that connects to a mobile app to keeps track of race stats but also simulate damage by slowing cars, and bringing every vehicle to a crawl when one inevitably flies off the track


Jenga Giant

This three-foot high version of the game, appropriately called Jenga Giant, makes that inevitable crash even more impressive and emphatic. The gameplay is exactly the same, but there’s 16 pounds of wooden blocks here just waiting to succumb to the pull of gravity.


1969 Camaro Z28 Watkins Glen Slot Car Track

this stunning slot car track built into an actual 1969 Camaro Z28. Modeled after the actual Watkins Glen International raceway, the course features banked corners, tiny grandstands, and even LED lighting. It also comes with twelve tiny cars to control, which almost helps justify the track’s price tag that could also buy you a couple of real cars to race.


  • *A device that turns a paper airplane into a smartphone-controlled aircraft.
  • *A blaster that can make snowballs and launch them up to 80 feet.
  • *A device for making s’mores over a kitchen counter instead of a campfire.
  • *Remote-controlled cars to take Mario Kart racing off your TV screen and onto your floor.
  • *A giant bean bag with an awesome hairdo.
  • *A Spyro Gyro pen to bring your doodling to the next level.
  • *A lego night light you can redesign.
  • *A sled you can use on both grass and snow.
  • *A cuddly plush talking Chewbacca
  • *LED shoelaces to brighten up your footwear.