Why kids love teddy bears

We all have seen teddy bears at least once in our lives, many of us have had one of them in some moment of our childhood, even adult people still keeping their beloved bears, and children, they just adore them, even with all those toys specially designed to please and educate children, with the latest high tech, kids still loving teddy bears


What is a teddy bear? Well is just a soft toy resembling a bear cub, it is a cute and lovely stuffed toy extremely popular among children and adults, adults many times give teddy bears as gifts to other adults, these toys are mainly given to women but men also receive them sometimes.


The history behind teddy bears


There is a history behind teddy bears, in fact the name comes from a former American President, Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt, in 1902, during a hunting trip some people clubbed and tied an adult bear expecting that President Roosevelt shoot it, but he was angry for  that behavior and refuse to shoot and the incident became the topic of a cartoon in the Washington Post, the first cartoon was of an adult bear but posterior cartoons showed a smaller bear.

Then Morris Michtom, inspired with the incident and the cartoons, created a small soft bear cub and called it “Teddy’s bear”, the toy was a success, and at the same time in Germany, Richard Steiff designed a stuffed bear for Steiff firm knowing nothing about Mitchom and his bear.

Why kids love teddy bears


There are many studies about the influence of those lovely stuffed toys and our relationship with them, it is really amazing how a little stuffed bear can do so much for us.


Teddy bears are what specialists called transitional objects, they help children to overcome the unavoidable separation between them and their parents, mainly the mother. Cuddling a teddy bear evokes a sense of peace, security and comfort, according psychologists and touching it reduce stress.


The soft fur of teddy bears have proven to be very therapeutic and fill sensory needs, they ease stress, build confidence, helps to handle fear, anxiety, separation and the unknown, in fact various police, fire and paramedic departments use this toy to ease the approaching with scared, lost and traumatized children.

So the next time your kid ask your permission to take his/her teddy bear to some place, think that you surely would prefer a beautiful and cute toy that helps people with their emotional issues than a real bear in front of your car, causing an incident forcing you to call a tow truck service like http://www.towtrucklexington.com in order to help you.